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In 2013 Having a Mobile Version Of Your Site is Important


More than 1 billion smartphone users around the world are using their devices and gadgets to access the web, check emails, or checkout the latest deals online. By 2015, survey from ComSource said the number of mobile browsers will reach 1.9 billion, surpassing the number of people who use desktop computers.

Internet browsing will shift from the traditional desktop PCs to the more advanced smartphones and other mobile devices. This early, thousands of business owners have already made the big shift by utilizing the power of responsive web design to further reach their target market.

Can you afford to get left behind?

If you think having a traditional website is good enough for your business, think again! Millions of people who browse the web using their smartphones and gadgets say they prefer to transact with businesses that have mobile websites. If that is not reason enough to switch to mobile website, consider the following:

Responsive Web Design

Mobile websites utilize the power of responsive web design, which means your business website can be accessed using any device – smartphones, iPads, gadgets, etc.  It gives your business the assurance that your customers will be able to check out your products, services, and deals anytime they want using the gadgets they prefer.

  • Mobile responsive websites automatically scales the pages and resizes images to fit the screen of the gadget
  • Responsive web design ensures that your mobile customers get the details of your products, services, and offerings immediately when they access your website
  • Responsive websites gives businesses an assurance that their websites are designed to comply with the requirements of mobile browsing

Customers Prefer Mobile Sites

A recent independent survey by the Center for Mobile Internet Research showed that businesses with mobile websites have reported substantial growth in the number of repeat and loyal customers.  Analysts said mobile browsers prefer to transact with businesses that have responsive mobile websites because they can easily access the sites anywhere, anytime!

  • A recent study shows that people who transact online using their desktops are more willing to do the same transactions using their smartphones and gadgets
  • Mobile browsers who find products or services on websites that are not responsive are more likely to abandon the websites


Mobile Search Engines Prefer Mobile Sites

Search engines use predictable mobile search algorithm that prioritizes mobile websites when delivering results to queries. That means mobile browsers get only responsive web sites when looking for the best restaurant or the best car rental company in town using their gadgets, having your mobile site search optimized is also an important factor to consider once you have your mobile site. Plus:

  • Mobile business websites rank high in mobile search engines
  • Responsive websites use different keywords and descriptions for mobile searches
  • Mobile websites are mobile search engine-compliant

Mobile Websites Give Businesses the Advantage

The Internet is a competitive world for businesses and, just like the traditional business arena, those who know the secrets to reaching more customers are sure to succeed. The secret is out – businesses with mobile responsive websites have the needed advantage over their competitors.

  • The CNBC Financial surveyshowed that around US$119 billion of the global e-commerce transactions in 2015 will be carried out via mobile phones. Don’t you want to take a bite at the global e-commerce pie?
  • Businesses with mobile websites are projected to be more reliable, more professional, and more responsive to the demands of the customers
  • Responsive web design is the new norm in website designing but only 4.8% of online businesses have mobile websites. Don’t you want to be among the first in industry?

Mobile Websites Maximize Online Presence

Sure, your traditional website gives your business an online presence it deserves and allows your target customer to reach you using desktop computers. But technology continues to evolve and people are now using their mobile phones and gadgets to browse the net. Are you sure your customers will still be able to reach your website when they are on their mobile phones? How does your website look like when you access it using your gadgets?

Web browsing has changed and will continue to change in the coming years. Your business should be ready to adapt to the ever changing behavior of your customers. For business owners wanting to provide the best experience for their customers (which helps generates leads) getting a mobile website is a smart investment and something every business owner should include in their budget.